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Glass Reinforced Polyester
Flat felt roof replacement that lasts a lifetime!

Old flat felted roof before GRP construction
Removal of old wood fascias during GRP construction.

Old felted garage and extension roof          Removal of old timbers for prep

OSB boarded new roof during construction for GRP fiber glass
Trimmed OSB roof before resin and fiberglass application

   OSB replacement external 25mm ply with GRP trimming prior to fitting

Corner fillets and trims for fiberglass to seal to during application of new GRP
OSB roofing material for new GRP roof


    All edges and new OSB roofing secured and airogard fitted under tiles

1St coat of resin and fiberglass matting during construction of GRP roof
Final top coat to finish GRP roof. Available in various colours

 First coat of 450GSM cross strand matting fibreglass, finished with topcoat
                                    Additional colours available
New fascia in UPVC and GRP trims to combine roof together
Trims and guttering to finish off GRP roofing

                New UPVC fascias and guttering supplied in the cost

Our GRP construction is of the highest of quality from beginning to end. As you can see from these few pictures, we have transformed this flat felt roof which was badly patched from numerous leaks over the years, to a high quality maintenance free GRP roof which shall never leek, or even start to fail for at least 30 years. This means this could last for over 40 or 50 years. This is why more and more family homes, each year are replacing their flat felt roofs, with the best product for the job that is available on the market.
All of our GRP flat roofs, come with all fascias and guttering where required at no extra charge.

The best part about this product is that we can provide this fantastic material, around 40% to 50% cheaper than some of the leading suppliers advertising within the market. So why not find out more about this, by contacting us and seeing exactly what we can do for you.

GRP(Glass Reinforced Polyester) was discovered in the late 1940’s. It was quickly adopted during the 1950’s and 60’s for a wide number of applications where its corrosion proof properties, allied to its high strength and excellent appearance soon proved to be invaluable. Today, it has become the standard material for the construction of small boats, water tanks, processing vessels, building cladding panels, roof lights, and is now constructed in the building trade and replacing flat felt roofs for its strength and long lasting durability.

When used for roofing, GRP provides a completely weatherproof system without any of the problems associated with traditional roofing materials. Its unrivalled performance protects millions of square meters of roofs throughout the UK, to the extent that there are GRP roofs laid more than 30 years ago which are yet to show any signs of deteriation.

While GRP roofing boasts qualities that arguably make it the best roofing system money can buy, these qualities are dependent on how the roof is laid. GRP can be rendered completely ineffective if it is laid incorrectly. The performance of the roof is therefore reliant on the contractor’s ability to lay it correctly.

It is the aim of this explanation to help customers be provided with the correct contractors of GRP installation, to ensure that when the roof is laid, it will fulfil its potential to outlast any other material, or the structure it is protecting.

We provide this fantastic roofing finish in a variety of colours and finishes, all comprising with covering trims, fascias and fillets at around 30-40% cheaper than other larger installers of GRP.
Here is a quick guide of the installation of GRP, on new USB boarding, which has replaced the original felted roof and T&G boards.

Artificial Grass (Maintenance FREE)

When you want to enjoy your garden, either in winter time or on a hot sunny day in the summer, but when you get out there, there are lots of jobs that need to be done instead, taking away the time you wanted to just sit or relax with a book or glass of wine.

Well now you CAN enjoy your garden, ALL YEAR AROUND, and this can be achieved by fitting a maintenance free garden. We cover Artificial grass fitters Tyne and Wear, Newcastle upon Tyne and Northumberland areas, so if you live within this area or not far outside, please feel free to contact us for a FREE no obligation quotation. you can also see the different qualities of the artificial grass we supply and fit.

Below, we have added some recent pictures of  a maintenance free garden, comprising of a large decking area, a timber bark area for a trampoline and a top quality artificial grass area. After seeing these pictures below, i have added some additional information information regarding the fitting process.

Removal of 4-5" of topsoil
Edge area for Artificial grass to be laid
Weed membrane and hardcore drainage.

Granit sand leveled for drainage and
Fitting of Artificial grass
Completed for a maintenance free garden


As you can see from the pictures, this is now a completely maintenance free garden for you to enjoy all year round.
The process  MUST be completed in the correct manner for it to be fitted correctly as show briefly above, this is by removing a sufficient amount of topsoil/ lawn or patio, fitting a boarder for the grass to be fitted too, weed membrane, 4" of hardcore drainage and granit sand and compacted prior to fitting and jointing where necessary.
We can come out and measure up and explain in full, FREE of charge, of the correct fitting process, along with showing some grass samples and a price guide of the grass.
Dont forget, we have "Artificial Grass Fitters Tyne and Wear, Newcastle and Northumberland areas, so we cover a wide area within the North East of England.

  As you can see on correct completion, a maintenance free garden all year 

Primary School Play Area Before
Before Artificial Grass
Summer lawn grass fitted to play area completed
210m2 of great play area in all weather.. complete!
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